Monday, December 15, 2008

Chapter 2 - The Espionage

The Americans are so paranoid of India sending a team of astronauts to Mars, that they have decided to activate their sleeper cells which were set up by the Chinese Intelligence Agency. Not that the Chinese were great at intelligence gathering but because they were cheap and any country could outsource anything to them; so the Americans outsourced the intelligence gathering to the Chinese Intelligence Agency who further outsourced the job to the Pakistan's Inter Service Intelligence who had set up their headquarters in India next to the Indian Parliament in New Delhi. They further handed over the job to the Indian Moles who were working for them for money. Many important people in the Parliament, Judiciary, Police and Army were involved in this unholy nexus and the biggest contributor to this was Dr. Rajmohan Shah who liked 'Chicken Curry' for lunch. As soon as the Dollars reached Rajmohan's Swiss Account, he took the file and handed it over to the ISI. When the file reached the Americans, they realized that the blue print was smuggled out of NASA. They were staring at their own research papers, reverse engineered into an Indian Mission!! But what they could not understand was that these papers were rubbished by their research team as they felt that, the conditions inside the spacecraft would not suitable for human existence as there was no room for entertainment, enough food to eat and water to drink. The Indians solved this problem by deciding to send Mumbai Slum Dwellers....anyways they don't have room to live, food to eat and water to drink and no place or comfort or entertainment!