Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chapter 3 - The Covert Operation

Research & Analysis Wing was tipped off about Dr. Rajamohan Shah's involvement in the information leak to the Americans. They wanted to get to the root of it, because they were worried that either the Pakistan's ISI or Chinese Intelligence Agency would try to sabotage the Mars Mission. They set up an STF (Special Task Force) to root out all the moles involved in the information leak and called the Covert Operation - Operation 'Chicken Curry'!

In the meanwhile, FNCSBIIA sent its 'Field Agents'/Assets to gather more information into India's Mars Mission. What really worried the Americans is that, they did not want the Indians who land on Mars to know that, the United States of America had already colonized the Planet with Industrial Robots for construction of habitable underground bunkers and mines for extracting gold, diamonds and uranium; simply because they had started this project without the permission of the countries who were all signatory to the Non Utilization of Exo-Planetary Resources (NUEXPLAR); which means that earthlings cannot use the resources of any other planet other than of the earth itself. All the countries had signed this treaty except for 3 countries who did not agree to its terms and conditions - Somalia, Iran and North Korea. Iran felt that, they should be allowed to scour other planets for more Uranium so that they could build more Nuclear Weapons to bomb Israel; North Korea opposed because it wanted to oppose thats it! (I mean do you really need a reason to oppose?? just oppose! and to show oppostition to America, they detonated another nuclear bomb underground and launched another missile into the sea over South Korea, and asked the United Nations, that if they expected North Korea to not oppose, then please send over food and ration for its starving public and some cognac and steak for 'The Great Leader' of North Korea. Why did Somalia not agree......No Comments!!!