Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chapter 9 - Continued.........

Vladimir Puke-In introduces his Chief Scientist Dr. Avtomat Klashnikova aka AK47 to Sr. Scientist Dr. SMART of India. The second fiddles of each of the scientists (Dr. Mikhail from Russia and Dr. Deshpande from India) introduce themselves to each other. All the scientists greeted, kissed and hugged each other (in a non 'gay' fashion) as if they were long lost brothers! The mutual admiration (between all the scientists) was evident, as they animatedly spoke to each other about the various journals and papers that each of them had published and how they admired the creativity and idea of their respective counterparts.

AK47 was really curious to meet the 14 cosmonauts! When he peeked into the steely lab room (through a one way mirror), where the 'emaciated' slum dwellers were kept, he asked in fascination, are these Jewish remanents of the Nazi Holocaust? or are they Genetically Engineered Humonoid Zombies?....Dr. Deshpande blurted, "Well! they are Genetically Engineered Humonoid Zombies, but, not by us! We haven't altered them into beings with the highest level of efficiency for human survival! They have programed themselves through the process of Na-S-B-E-C "; Dr. Mikhail asked in awe and shock, "what on earth is NaSBEC?" which Dr. SMART replied with glee, "NaSBEC stands for Natural Selection due to Bad Economic Condition!!!"

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