Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chapter 8 - Showdown at 'Singh da Dhaba'.....Part 3

ACP Screw Singh draws his weapon back and growls, "We all are soldiers with a cause and we must fight and die if need be, for our, let's do it with some dignity and respect!". He throws his weapon on the floor while thinking, "wow! how did a dumbass like me come up with such a great dialogue?....I really am cool!!". Both the American Agents throw their weapons on the ground too..and now everyone looks at the Chinese Agent to do the same...but the Chinese Agent looks all confused and doesn't throw his Kung Fu sword! One of the American Agent speaks up, "I think this Chinese idiot did not understand a single piece of shit which came out of your mouth". ACP replies, "Yeah! I too think the same...but hey I wasn't talking shit! wasn't the dialogue cool?!". The Chinese Agent says, "Cheee chang yeo phew blah aaaeeooo yeoo arrgh sheesh phat pitch sick puck sheyeong!!!"; the american agent replies animatedly with some hand movements, "he is askin you to drop your no no...DROP your WEAPON!!!".

The confused Fat Hen sitting at the center looks at the events unfolding around it and thinks, "I rather be butchered and get converted to a tandoori chicken than watch these 4 idiots; I flew down here from a John Woo movie expecting a good fight, only to find 4 idiots hitting corny dialogues to each other!"

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rakesh said...

John Woo's confused fat hen hahaha!!! good one!