Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chapter 8 - Showdown at 'Singh da Dhaba'.....Part 1

The agents of FNCBSIIA (American Secret Service - dressed in a black Armani suit, White Shirt, Black Tie, Ray Ban Goggle, M1911 Colt .45ACP Handgun and of course a earphone connected to the right ear) had taken positions at 'Singh da Dhaba' at 56th mile on Highway 29 which connects New Delhi and Chandigargh to eliminate ACP Screw Singh (the officer incharge of 'Operation Chicken Curry'). ACP Screw Singh came to this Dhaba to do an 'Encounter' of some ISI Moles who were dressed in Peshawari Kurta, Turban, really loose salwar, plastic goggles - brought at Rs. 5 from the streets of lahore and a long, moustachless, lice-infested, orange colored beard which had remenants & pieces of Tandoori Chicken which he ate 5 minutes ago!. The ISI Moles were at the Dhaba to meet their Chinese couterparts to hand over some sensitive documents about the launch mission. The balled CIA (Chinese Intelligence Agency) agents were dressed in orange Kung-Fu robe with a picture of Bruce Lee embedded at their back and front..after all they were trained in the temple of shaolin with Bruce Lee as their God!! They were wearing 'Made in China' Black Goggles which they brought for 20 paise from the streets of 'Xuyincheong Pha-Phur-Phat' (although the name of the city sounds like the sound of a 'stomach upset', it was the economic epicenter of China after Hong Kong) .

So, 2 agents from US, 2 agents from China, 2 agents from Pakistan and our very own ACP Screw Singh were all going to clash ferociously in the most surreal fashion....we were going to witness India's first and very own Spaghetti Western type Cowboy flavoured Bullet Time Slow Motion duel of the most cruel and well trained Agents / Assassins at.....'Singh da Dhaba'.....Oye Balle Balle!!!!


ye jindgi apni said...

I knew it!!! I knew it from the very first day, when I saw u in Walia Mam's class , describing urself. I got a feeling that there is a writer behind this innocent looking face...

Gud work Mr Sukumar... keep it up!!

rakesh said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!! good one bro!!